Finding a Missing Pet

Losing a pet is something we can't quite understand until to happens to you directly. Unfortunately I had to find this out the hard way, never in a million years did I think I'd have to desperately search the streets of Bali to find my dog. One dog of thousands on the streets. It almost seems impossible right? 

For those of you who have been actively following me on Youtube and Instagram you would probably know by now I have a dog in Bali named Iggy. Yes Iggy, and no not like the rapper...he's actually a boy (I did make him wear a pink collar and referred to him as 'she' and 'my little princess' but thats besides the point) I know.. I'm a genius at naming and misgendering my animals lol.  

Anyway while I was home in Australia Iggy escaped. I was only informed 2 weeks after the famous escape that he was in fact a missing dog. Thank god I had already organised my flights back to Bali a few days after they broke the news, so I had time to digest the news and come up with a game plan to find him.

I made wanted posters and offered a $200 AUD reward for his return to me. I put them up every where. I was told by some friends to put them next to the local temples as they will be seen constantly by a lot of people that way. 

After a month and a half of searching, spamming a million Facebook groups and a bunch of anxiety attacks, I did find him eventually. Well a lovely woman did and called me. 

I documented my whole experience and process on finding him if you're interested in watching that. Here's the links:

summarised tips for finding a lost animal:

- don't panic, animals have very good survival instincts. The chances are that he/she will be able to hustle alone for at least a few months 

- print wanted posters with a reward (I choose $200 AUD)

- put posters every where around he/she went missing (focus on places that are always busy e.g. temples)

- if posters have been up for a few weeks I would up the reward money if you can afford it of course

- post in Facebook groups! can be animal groups in the area or even just community groups. Just find as many as you can to post in offering the reward money.



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