Isabella Ray - April 2020

How To Help Homeless Bali Dogs

how you can help homeless animals

There are many ways you can help us rescue homeless and suffering Bali dogs and cats, whether you're located in Bali or abroad! From fostering to sponsoring, to sharing our work on your platform, there are so many ways to support the cause and help Delilah Wolf Pack and it's favourite rescuers tremendously from anywhere in the world.

How You Can Help The Animals

Delilah wolf pack rescue

#1 Purchasing from Delilah Wolf Pack

Purchasing from Delilah Wolf Pack is the most modern, millennial friendly way for you to fund the animal rescues in Bali. Not only do you have reassurance that 70% of your purchase is going to a reputable organisation, you also get quality clothing pieces such as our most popular collaboration with Champion.

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#2 Sponsor

By sponsoring a rescue you will receive exclusive updates on their journey and make a difference in an animals life that would likely not have survived without your support.

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#3 Spread The Word

Sharing, liking, commenting on posts regarding animal welfare is more important than you may think. We sometimes rely on everyday people to help fund our rescues and vet bills, so even if you yourself are not in a position to help with funds maybe your friends/followers are! Sharing creates a domino affect, so it is key for us to gain exposure and spread our message further.

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#4 Donate

Any donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference. Each animal requires special care as we often rescue them without knowing the multitude of conditions they may be suffering from. Therefore, even the smallest donation makes a big difference in the lives of these rescues.

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virtual gifting for animals

#4 Virtual Gifting

Choose where your funds are used with Mission Paws'ible's virtual gifts. From supplying parasite treatment, deworming, vaccinations and sterilisation! All you need to do is choose one and click donate, everything else is taken care of in Bali.

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