Mission Paws'ible was founded in 2015 by Prue Barber, as a reaction to the many call outs from people around the globe coming across abandoned puppies, dogs, cats and kittens in horrific conditions. Mission Paws'ible aims to build a community with likeminded values to support them in saving more lives.

Mission Paws'ible Bali rescue dog

Delilah Wolf Pack chose to donate 70% of profits each month to the organisation who needs it the most in that particular month. One of the organisations in the donation rotation is Mission Paws'ible.

There are many reasons why we deeply believe in Mission Paws'ible, the founder Prue is someone who inspired Delilah Wolf Pack and we admire so much as a person and kick ass business woman. At a young age Prue gave up her successful graphic design career to save lives in Bali.

"To give up the glamour and the cushy life of the corporate world and now I find myself stopping my scooter, hot, sweaty, and disheveled, to collect a little pup with no hair and awkwardly work out how to transport it from it’s location to the vet." - Prue Barber


The Bali Dog, formally known as the C.A.S.A association, is a group of committed individuals who support local initiatives and innovative approaches to environmental and animal welfare issues. Their primary aim is to rescue animals at risk of disease and eventual death that are either currently surviving or dumped on Bali streets. In addition, they aim to promote and provide community vaccination and sterilisation services to minimise the risk of disease, dumping, and abuse.

We choose The Bali Dog to be the second powerful organisation for Delilah Wolf Pack to donate to. We believe C.A.S.A to be an extremely influential organisation in the community.

Part of their long-term vision is to continue participating in education programs which will allow them to inspire new generations of animal advocates and to curate a deeper understanding of these animals 'basic needs'. This includes finding the best ways to solve animal dumping, negligence and a lack of awareness.

We believe education to be an incredibly sustainable approach for the issue of animal mistreatment in Bali.

The bali dog rescue

Malnutrition, lack of vaccinations and various forms of animal cruelty have been an ongoing issue for the dogs and cats on the island of Bali. However, since the rabies outbreak in 2008 and the fear it caused has resulted in continuous mass culling of free-roaming dogs. Combined with the dog-meat trade and cross-breading from the import of foreign breeds, the Bali Dog is now facing an extreme number of threats. - C.A.S.A Association