How to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

how to get your dog to drink more water

Creative Ideas on How to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

Most of us realize our dogs need clean water to stay healthy and to survive. Without water, he becomes dehydrated and gets very unwell. Warm days make it tough for us as people to stay hydrated, and the identical thing goes for your dog. Ensuring he has a sufficient amount to drink is vital. A dog that has been vomiting or has had diarrhea will, especially quickly end up dehydrated. This is hard because typically while a dog isn’t feeling like him or herself, he doesn’t feel the need to drink… despite the fact that he needs to. If at any time you sense your dog is unwell, contact your vet right away. Do not wait, time is of the essence. Even on horrid wintery days, don’t assume your dog can’t get dehydrated. If he’s walking and playing he needs water.

Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Drinking Enough Water

When you initially bring home a recently adopted rescue dog, he might not eat or drink for a day or two… completely normal.

Three main indications that your dog might not be drinking enough water.

  1. Your dog seems not as playful or active.
  2. Your dog seems stressed. (for example, recently being adopted, moving, new baby, new dog…)
  3. Your dog seems sick.

in case your dog isn't drinking water but is eating, attempt a number of the suggestions below. it may simply be that is hasn’t had an awful lot of exercise recently, or he/she is feeling stressed about being in an environment that is new or something else is changing in his lifestyle right now.

if your dog isn't drinking water or eating and otherwise seems relatively okay, allow him 24 hours and if you do not see any improvement contact your vet straight away.

If he/she is showing another symptom of being sick, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, you should see your vet ASAP, do not wait!

How Much Water Should Your Dog Be Drinking Daily?

Your dog needs around one oz. of water per one lb. of weight daily. therefore if you've got an eighty lb dog, he ought to be drinking eighty oz. of water per day. If you've got a twelve lb dog, he ought to drink around twelve oz. of water.

As long as your dog is healthy, then there's no need to measure your dog’s water intake. however if you feel something unusual is going on, then begin looking what he’s drinking. Fill a pitcher of water with the ounces he/she is supposed to drink that day, this can assist you to see how much your dog is drinking.

Tricks To Get Your Dog To Drink Water

  1. Add Water to Your Dogs Food 

If your dog usually has dry kibble, he would need even more water than a dog that's fed a raw diet. Add water, bone broth or chicken stock (no salt, that will be counterintuitive) to his food bowl. My dogs go crazy over this… they reckon it’s a new treat to have a bit of “gravy aka water” in their food. 

  1. Change Your Dogs Water more often

I know it feels like some dogs can eat and drink close to anything. But really, most dogs like new and clean water. This may be the explanation as to why your dog likes to drink out of the toilet! The water is “fresh” and cold. therefore shut the bathroom lid and fill his bowl with fresh cold water. I’ve realized that if our dogs’ water bowl is sitting for over a number of hours, they won’t drink it. perhaps they’re spoiled… however, I ensure I refresh their water many times each day. 

  1. Be Sure To Clean Your Dogs Water Bowl

This kind of goes with the notion of keeping the water clean. If the water bowl is dirty then the water is going to be contaminated before you even set it down for your dog to drink. You should be cleaning your dog’s food and water bowls daily. currently, I admit, I rinse the water bowl when I change the water, however, I only properly clean it weekly. 

  1. Flavour Your Dogs Water

Entice your dog’s senses by adding some bone broth (super healthy for your dog) or chicken stock to his water bowl. Do not add sweetened juices or different ingredients that may cause your dog to become sick.

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