Nonprofits and Coronavirus

It's no surprise that non for profit organisations are taking a huge hit during this pandemic. It is difficult to overstate the value of non-profit organisations doing important work in the rehabilitation of animals and education, including providing food and shelter. 


We see firsthand the pain, frustration and hopelessness that underprivileged animals and people (who are falling through the cracks of the government and the public) encounter. 

Why we need to support non for profits during this time

If you are in a position where you are privileged enough to spare some money to assist the thousands of abandoned animals suffering on the sometimes brutal streets of Bali, we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. 

Delilah Wolf Pack is an online retail business which started in April 2019. It is a charitable online clothing brand founded by Isabella Ray, who demanded there needed to be a change. She then started Delilah Wolf Pack as an innovative way to raise money and give 70% of profits to Mission Pawsible and The Bali Dog. Both being powerful organisations that save the lives of thousands of animals in Bali.

Delilah Wolf Pack are known for our signature T-Shirts and hoodies, which are designed to fill in wardrobe gaps with flattering easy to wear pieces. Although simple, they unmistakably serve a good cause.

It is a brand that was made for people who are passionate about the lives of others and are thirsty for a change. 

Join the movement.

To supply the dog meat industry in Bali, about 100,000 dogs are caught and slaughtered 70% of these dogs are live butchered, 100% of captured dogs are brutally killed and 25% are poisoned.

where that 70% goes

Every day most people who live or visit Bali see a dog/cat in this horrible condition. It’s not uncommon, but it is curable and I need your help!

Breakdown of costs: 

  • Medical Check for 10 dogs AU$150
  • Complete Vaccination for 10 dogs $500
  • Sterilisation day for the area $400
  • Chemo for 2 dogs diagnosed for TVT Cancer $400
  • Antibiotics for 10 dogs for 1 month $100
  • Buffer money in case one of the dogs has further issues such as fungal skin infection etc which would require more meds $50

Anything additional raised will be used for food to continue feeding them until they are healthy and strong.

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save lives later

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