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Given the current spread of a form of coronavirus that causes a virus called COVID-19, cleanliness is especially in the spotlight right now. With flu season upon us — as well as the increasingly circulating COVID-19 — it is worth noting that one of the best prevention measures you can take is regular hand-washing. The CDC encourages you to wash your hands with soap and water after meals, after using the toilet and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, and before and after taking care of a sick friend or family member.

Is washing your hands enough?

A professional UV light sanitation tool can be used to disinfect things like desktops and door handles, sinks and toilets, or other things that are always with you, such as your laptop, etc. Every so often you really should be washing your phone screen. Our phones are among the dirtiest things in our lives, harbouring according to some studies an average of about 20,000 separate bacterial varieties. 

As with other viruses, the coronavirus causing COVID-19 can live on some materials, such as cardboard or metals, for several hours or even days. And the fact that active viral agents can be detected in the air for hours after an infected person cough or sneezes for hours is even more troubling.

how does a uv light kill germs?

When UV-C light hits microbes like germs and viruses, the DNA will be damaged. Viruses and bacteria are unable to regenerate themselves, or even perform normal cell functions, without DNA functioning, they will rapidly die off.

Therefore UV lamps, phone sanitizers and quality UV sterilisers are so big right now. We are all dealing with the current virus threat and a UV light is one way of keeping us safe during these moments.

It's no surprise that non for profit organisations are taking a huge hit during this pandemic. It is difficult to overstate the value of non-profit organisations doing important work in the rehabilitation of animals and education, including providing food and shelter. 

Delilah Wolf Pack has decided to step in with products we know people are searching for to stay safe during this time and give all the proceeds to organisations and rescuers who need the most support during this time. Shop and save lives today!

How donation works


Simply choose any UV light sanitiser from our collection and go to checkout.

Step 2

Either add a discount code from your chosen rescuer at checkout OR checkout as usual.

Step 3

We will donate 100% of proceeds to your chosen rescuer OR if no code we will choose one for you! 

Free shipping/donation Codes

Enter one of the codes below to pick a organisation/rescuer to donate the proceeds of your UV light purchase to, this code will also get you free shipping worldwide!

Mission Paws'ible


The Bali Dog


Villa Kitty


BARC 4 Bali Dogs

Code: BARC.

I Rescue Bali Dogs


Bali Rescue Dog Squad


Hope For Bali Dogs


Our Products

During checkout either use a code for your favourite animal rescuer in Bali and get free shipping OR checkout as usual and we will choose a rescuer to donate 100% of the proceeds to on your behalf!

Handheld UV Steriliser

A compact, folding UV sanitising wand is the most convenient option. It is powered by four AAA batteries, further enhancing its true portability. The wand is ideal for use on doorknobs, keyboards and other surfaces that you just can't help but touch all the time.


This portable gadget will destroy the multitude of bacteria and viruses that are likely to populate your phone within minutes. Okay, just put your phone in a box and it cleans, but how's the cleaning going to actually happen? The strength comes in UV-C light form. Two strong UV-C light-bulbs are inside the small box. The UV-C light is germicidal, meaning it can break down bad bacteria's DNA to prevent them from surviving or replicating any longer.


This small UV-C lipstick cleaning device is big enough to clean far more than your Samsung Galaxy Mega or iPhone 11 Pro Max.It can be used to sanitise shoes, glasses, wallets, watches, doorknobs, or anything you might think twice about touching without being sure they're clean during this virus and beyond days.


A UV lamp is an ideal method of cleaning and disinfecting certain spaces including apartments, bathrooms and kitchens. It is an easy way to protect all kinds of surfaces at once! If you are trying to keep your room safe and virus free using a germicidal lamp is an excellent way to do so. A n ultraviolet light purification lamp is a good solution for someone who needs to share air with someone who could be sick. It's also useful for people working in cubicles or in smaller offices.

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