Stray Animals Recent Rescues

Stray Animals Recent Rescues

Every day most people who live or visit Bali see a dog/cat in this condition. It’s not uncommon, but it is curable and we need your help!

Cost of helping stray animals

With your help we will change their lives forever.

Breakdown of costs: 

  • Medical Check  for 10 dogs AU$150
  • Complete Vaccination for 10 dogs $500
  • Sterilisation day for the area $400
  • Chemo for 2 dogs diagnosed for TVT Cancer $400
  • Antibiotics for 10 dogs for 1 month $100
  • Star’s Critical Care in Clinic, estimate $500
  • Buffer money in case one of the dogs has further issues such as fungal skin infection etc which would require more meds $50

Anything additional raised will be used for food to continue feeding them until they are healthy and strong.

If you would like to help please consider making a purchase from Delilah Wolf Pack today. 

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Stray Animals Amazing Transformations

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