Sammy's Story + transformation

Sammy's Story + transformation


Oh my goodness thinking about Sammy's rescue is pretty hard for me to comprehend even now. So I will start from the beginning. My boyfriend and I were in Uluwatu Bali, we had Lilah (Delilah) at the time and we were leaving in 2 days to go to Nusa Lembongan (a beautiful island just off of Bali).

We were staying in a hotel which definitely was not pet-friendly but somehow we always got away with it, probably because Lilah was so cute and small! Hehe. anyway, it was around 8 pm when we got a loud knock on the door and this woman we met earlier was standing outside in hysterics. She was begging for our help even though to us we were just two kids that picked up a stray dog. We rushed down to the road with her leaving Lilah in the room. I see her partner balling her eyes out holding this bleeding puppy in her arms. I could see in her eyes she was absolutely devastated. They explain to us they were out for her birthday dinner and they see two men on a bike kick this sick puppy to the curb. 

Even though we are broke teenagers I agreed to take the dog from their hands as they were leaving the country soon. We get on a bike and drive an hour to get to the closest vet. The vet shaved him and gave us some antihistamines for his skin. (he also had scabies etc). I didn't want to leave him at the vet that night because he was obviously very traumatised. So I took him home and set him up in the bathroom where I fell asleep next to him trying to show him that there is kindness and love in the world.

The next day we were messaging every Instagram and Facebook account that featured Bali dogs on their page to try and get this dog somewhere to go by the time we left. I remember how frantic I was, the last thing I wanted to do was put him back on the street. He's just a puppy and there's no way he would survive his internal and external injuries alone. FINALLY and I mean finally a beautiful woman named Alison (@balirescuedogsquad) decided to take him in after hours of me begging her. 

It is so hard for rescuers in Bali because there are just so many freaking animals that need help and usually they pay vet bills straight out of their pocket. So I decided I would cover all of the puppy's (we later called him Sammy)  costs, it was the least I could do. 


Sammy is now living his best freaking life! Going to the beach all the time with his new wolf pack and it's all thanks to @balirescuedogsquad on Instagram. Please go check them out and show Alison (the rescuer) some love and support!! 

(scroll down to see his transformation- sorry for the horrible quality) <3

 - Isabella 







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