Why Adopt Not Shop?

So why should you adopt instead of shop? I often use the catchphrase not to emphasize how uncool it is to buy 'certified pure breeds,' but because no matter what breed people 'want' to buy, there's one waiting in a shelter, in a home it's not wanted in or online. Guaranteed. So why buy while you can adopt?

We find all kinds of breeds in rescue needing help. We find more Bali Dogs in Bali (the local heritage dog that is actually the purest breed to walk this planet but that's for another post). We had Pit Bulls because, you know, they were the 'hip' breed for the young people 3 years ago, who were going to buy them as puppies (or breed them with their mate), cage them and then wonder why they cost so much in food and need training.

Information from our friends at ASPCA

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So here's the thing – not so many people are researching where their dog came from. I ask you if you have a dog you bought:

  • Do you truly know where your dog came from? 
  • Did you see the dog's Mother physically?
  • Did you see where they lived, physically?
  • Have you spoken with the breeder

If the answer is 'no,' then you might have bought a pup while the mother rots in a cage with another litter somewhere to be sold to unknowing dog lovers like yourself.

However, if you're like me and my family, in the '80s and '90s, we had no idea about breeding in the backyard. So we bought our dogs. That's what everybody did since it was foreign to 'rescue' and 'rescue' meant 'damaged goods.' But guess what? Not anymore! 

So let's get better informed, empowered, and ready to share the knowledge with our friends and family who may be thinking of getting a dog!


The Top 4 Reasons To Adopt And Not Shop

1. Adopting means saving a life

Instead of buying your pet, the most obvious reason to adopt is because shelters and pounds are constantly facing extreme overpopulation of abandoned animals. Unfortunately, this means that thousands of our gorgeous beloved pets are put down every year simply because there are not enough homes available and facilities don't have the ability to take care of the overwhelming volume that passes through their doors. When you choose a shelter to get your pet, you give them a second chance at a forever loving home - which is something that every animal deserves.

2. You’re helping to break the cruel puppy factory cycle

As long as these animals are sold at pet stores and online, there will continue to be cruel puppy factories. Don't encourage them to make the most of unsuspecting people — or subject dogs to a life of suffering — to make a fast buck! Adopting from a rescue group or shelter is the easiest way to take a stand against the cruelty of the puppy factory!

3. Save money

Most animals are already desexed, microchipped, vet-checked, and vaccinated in pounds and shelters, so you won't have to pay for these things as you would a store-bought pet. Your new pet is up-to-date, healthy, and ready to walk out of the shelter and into your heart and home.

4. Saving you trouble

Don't buy into the hype - it 's a misconception that most sheltered dogs and cats are violent and destructive. The truth is that most of those animals end up in the pound of shelter only because the owner was negligent or no longer had the resources to care for them. While puppies and kittens are often accessible, it is not uncommon for these animals to be comfortable around children or even house trained if you choose a more mature dog from a shelter. This means you could potentially save the potty training time and frustration, and avoid sleepless puppy cries nights.

why adopt not shop infographic

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Want to save homeless and suffering animals in Bali? Learn what Delilah Wolf Pack does to rescue these animals from a life of mistreatment and disease. 


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    This is great…really made me realise what we are doing when we buy a dog from a pet store. Thank you for this post!

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